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Metal detecting is a hobby that requires time and focuses to develop and it is practiced by only a few people. I am Craig Scott, one of those people who are passionate for collecting gold, antiques, silver and other crucial metals that are buried deep thousands of years ago. I have been practicing this metal detecting technique from the past few years and surely have faced a lot of challenges as well. Earlier as a beginner, I had to struggle a lot in selecting that one perfect metal detector that could help me in my journey. That’s where it clicked in my mind to write my personal blogs to make the selection easier for all the beginners. I believe that metal detecting can become a lot easier with an ideal metal detector. After long hours of research on the internet and through my personal experience I have been able to select the best metal detectors that own some stunning specifications. All of them are featured in my blogs along with their detailed informational stuff. I have also featured some metal detectors that are specially meant for finding gold and trust me they will just amaze you with their features.