Fisher F22 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F22 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F22 Metal Detector​: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • ​User-Friendly
  • ​Portable
  • ​Suitable for beginners
  • ​Affordable price range

What We Don't Like

  • ​Minimal ground balance

A metal detector is an enthralling electronic device used to unmask the buried metals. Metal detecting can turn out to be really frustrating. So, you need to be patient and committed to this process. It is a difficult skill to master. That’s why not many people are interested in the metal detecting process. Metal detecting can turn out to be a rewarding hobby as you can find some hidden treasure.

You can find old coins, antique jewelry, and other artifacts and earn revenue out of it. Metal detecting can also be a good form of exercise for those people who don’t like to hit the gym as you have to move around in search of metals.

There are a number of metal detectors available in the market today. Some of them are really simple to use whereas there are some which are complex. The complex ones come with advanced features and are used by professionals. With the availability of a wide variety, sometimes it becomes hard to choose which one to buy. Fisher F22 metal detector is a great entry level metal detector. It is easy to use and perfect for one who is looking to begin the metal detecting journey. So, here is everything you need to know about the Fisher F22 metal detector.

Fisher F22 is a weatherproof metal detector with a submersible search coil. It is great for detecting coins, jewelry, and artifacts. It comes with a pinpoint mode feature which helps to detect the exact location of the metal. It can detect metals up to nine inches deep.

Who is this Product for?

Fisher F22 metal detector is great for the beginners. It is simple to use and is user-friendly also. It comes with four modes of operation which make it suitable to detect almost any type of metal. You need not to have a deeper knowledge of metal detectors before using it. It comes with minimalistic settings. It is an all-rounder metal detector that can be used on all types of terrains. If you are in search of coins, jewelry, and artifacts, then the Fisher F22 metal detector is perfect for you.

What’s Included in Fisher F22 Metal Detector?

You will get four preset modes-jewelry modes, coin mode, artifact mode, and custom mode. It has got a nine-segment visual ID which helps to unmask the buried treasure before you even start digging the area. It comes with a four-tone audio ID, adjustable sensitivity, static pinpoint, and a notch discrimination system. It has an operating frequency of 7.69 KHz. It is an ultra-lightweight metal detector with only 2.3 lbs. The company offers a five-year warranty for this metal detector which is really amazing.

Overview of Features

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Fisher F22 metal detector is weatherproof which means that it can work efficiently in any extreme weather condition. The four modes of operation help you to distinguish among various metals. This can be a great time saver if you are in search of a particular metal. It consists of a search coil which can detect metals up to nine inches. It is perfectly designed to glide into the narrow spaces.

The nine-segment visual helps the user to identify the exact type of metal buried under the ground. The numerical Id helps the user to determine the conductivity of the metal on the scale of 1-99.

Fe-tone adjustable iron audio helps the user to set different volumes for the ferrous and non- ferrous metals. Generally, the ferrous metals are set on a lower volume in order to avoid the audio signals of the fine iron particles.

The notch discrimination system allows the user to separate the valuable metals from the junk and the fine iron particles on the ground. The discrimination setting can be adjusted to a particular threshold value depending on the type of search.

The pin pointers are great to locate the exact location of the buried metal. You need not to move the coil several times over a particular area. It is ultra lightweight with only 2.3 lbs which makes it easy to hold and store.

What’s to Like About the Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The Fisher F22 metal detector is simple, user-friendly and travel-friendly as well. It is a perfect pick for beginners. The variety of basic and advanced features within the price range of $209 makes it the best entry level metal detector.

What’s Not to Like About the Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The only con of the Fisher F22 metal detector is that it provides minimal ground balance. This means that the detecting process interferes with a lot of false audio signals of the ground.

How to Use the Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The metal detector has got four preset modes and you can easily turn on any of these by just pressing a button. You can turn on the pinpoint mode to detect the exact location of the buried metal. The discrimination mode can be used to exclude trash from valuable metals. You can adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector in order to avoid the false audio signals. Keep the sensitivity low if you are in search of a particular metal.


If you are not impressed with the Fisher F22 metal detector, you can move on to a better one. We recommend the Garrett AT Pro metal detector. It is the best waterproof metal detector and can work in extreme weather conditions also. It has got a pro mode audio, high-resolution iron discrimination, digital target ID and a fast track ground balance. It has an operating frequency of 15 kHz and can detect even gold nuggets.

Final Verdict

Fisher F22 is the best pick for the beginners. It has everything you need to start your metal detection journey. It is simple and easy to use. You can switch on to different modes by using a simple button. It is suitable to detect all types of metals like coins, jewelry, and other artifacts. The pinpoint mode is really a time saver.

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