Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Review

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Review

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector​: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • ​Highly durable search coil
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Advanced functionality
  • ​Adjustable frequency

What We Don't Like

  • ​Not suitable for the beginners

If you are looking forward to starting your metal detecting journey, then Garrett Ace 300 is an impeccable pick for you. Metal detecting can be really frustrating if you choose the wrong metal detector. So, you have to make your choice carefully depending on your requirements. On the other hand, metal detecting hobby can turn out to be really rewarding also. You can find some old coins, artifacts and other rare metals. As a beginner, you would be looking for a simple, user-friendly and reasonably priced metal detector. The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector surely meets all your requirements with ease. So, here is the complete review of the Garrett Ace 300 metal detector.

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector is perfect for the beginners and professionals as well. It has got an amazing potential detection depth. It is an easily accessible metal detector.  It is popularly known as the aggressive metal detector of the industry.

Who is this Product for?

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector can be used by both beginners and the advanced users. It is simple and convenient with a hard-wearing design. You can use this metal detector if you are in search of coins and other metals like brass, lead, silver etc. There are differences in built preset modes available for each of them. This metal detector is suitable for those who are looking for deeply buried metals.

This metal detector can also work effectively for the ones who are detecting metals at beaches or any wet area.

What’s Included?

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector comes a with submersible search coil which means you can use it on beaches also. This search coil offers great coverage and depth. The length of the search coil can be adjusted from 42 to 51 inches.  It has an operating frequency of 8 kHz which can be adjusted depending on the type of search. The frequency can be adjusted in order to eliminate the false audio signals. It has got five search modes with a pinpoint system. Notch discrimination can also be used depending on the type of metal you are looking for. Coin depth indicator is used to determine the depth of the target metal. The total weight of this metal detector is 2.8 lbs which are approximately 1.27 kg. It comes with 4 AA battery and a two-year warranty.

So, in short, it has got everything you need to start the metal detecting process.

Overview of Features

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector


Have a look at the features of Garrett Ace 300 metal detector.

  • Digital Target ID

It is a feature that detects the best guess of what is buried under the ground in a particular area. The ID is just a number that determines the metal’s conductivity on the scale of 1-99. It can be a time saver if you are in search of coins and any other antique objects.

  • Search Coil

The submersible search coil offers a great performance of 7×10 inches with great coverage and depth.

  • Frequency

It has an operating frequency of 8 Khz that can be adjusted according to the type of metal. The frequency is generally kept low in order to avoid the interference. On the other hand, a higher frequency is used when you are in search of gold.

  • Iron Resolution

This feature is used to unmask the target metal in the areas where the concentration of iron particles is high.

  • Notch Discrimination

With the use of discrimination, you can exclude trash from valuable metals. The metals are detected based on their conductivity. The conductivity of the trash objects is generally low. Therefore, you can increase the discrimination setting to a particular threshold value to avoid trash.

  • Search Modes

This metal detector has four preset search modes for jewelry, relics such as brass and lead, custom and coins. All metal mode is used to detect all types of metals. The pinpoint mode is used to find the exact location of the metal.

  • Sensitivity

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector has eight sensitivity and depth adjustments. When the sensitivity of the metal detector is high, it receives a lot of false signals due to ground mineralization. Therefore, the sensitivity is usually kept low in order to ignore the false signals.

  • Coin Depth Detector

This feature helps the user to accurately determine the depth of the target metal. It can save a lot of time when you precisely know how deep you have to dig the ground.

What’s to Like About the Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector?

The search coil of this metal detector comes with rugged durability which means that it is waterproof. It can be used to detect the metals on beaches and any wet area. It has got really advanced features and the device looks more professional. It is proven to be the best for metal detection.

What’s Not to Like About the Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector?

You need to have a better understanding of the different audio signals produced by the device. It becomes a bit difficult for beginners. So, before jumping on to the location you need to test the device with various metals in order to become familiar with the signals.

How to Use the Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

To use this metal detector, you need to turn on the particular mode depending on the type of metal you are looking for. Turn on the pinpoint mode just to have the precise idea of the location. Discrimination mode can be used in the areas having a higher concentration of trash and iron particles. Adjust the search coil depending on the depth of the hidden treasure.


If you are not impressed with this metal detector you can use another version of it.

Garrett Ace 400

It has a comparatively higher frequency which means you can detect gold with ease. Other features include five search modes, electronic pinpointing, transposable search coils and push-button controls.

Final Verdict

This device is great for beginners as well as professionals. You will not find any other metal detector with these advanced features in the same price range. So, if you are new and want an affordable metal detector with great functionality, this is the best metal detector for you.

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