Metal Detecting Tips: A Beginner’s Guide

Metal Detecting Tips

Metal detecting has become a popular hobby nowadays. It can be a bit frustrating for the beginners as it requires a lot of patience. But it can be an extremely rewarding hobby when you master a certain set of skills. From learning the metal detecting tips, understanding the benefits and finding the best places to search, the information below should give you a good overview.

If you are a beginner and you want to make it professional, you need to learn everything from scratch. There is one skill that simply comes first- how to read a metal detector. Reading your metal detector correctly will definitely going to save your time. It will also increase the chances of a big find.

How Does Metal Detector Work?

A metal detector is a fascinating machine that detects the presence of nearby metals.

When electricity flows through the search coil of the metal detector, a magnetic field is generated around it.  This magnetic field penetrates the ground and locates the metal and magnetizes it. The receiver of the metal detector is made of several sensitive wires. It reacts to the magnetization of the metal which is buried deep down. It alerts the user by emitting sounds. Each metal detector has a slightly different tone. All the best metal detectors provide readings as audible signals.

How to Read Your Metal Detector?

Firstly, turn on your metal detector.

  • Select the Settings

Each metal detector has its own settings. In order to do the settings, you will need to read the manual of the specific metal detector. There are some simple metal detectors whereas there are some complex ones also. So, if you are a beginner you should begin with the simple ones. Once you get familiar with the settings of the simple ones then, you can move on to the advanced metal detectors.

  • Select the Location

This is one of the crucial steps. While you are going for the search process keep in mind to choose the remote locations. In the crowded areas, you can face a lot of challenges as the metal detectors can detect almost all types of metals. I am sure you don’t want to collect those candy wrappers, aluminum foils, nails, screw bolts, etc. So, in order to avoid the litter, choose the non-crowded places.

  • Begin Your Treasure Hunt

The searching process can be a bit tiring at first. Don’t expect to find the essential metals in the beginning as it requires a lot of practice and knowledge. In this process, there is a phrase which is followed by the professional ones that are “low and slow”. Keep the coil of your metal detector low to the ground without touching it. Swing very slowly to allow the machine to detect any nearby buried metal.

  • Dig

Start digging the particular area where you received the audio signals from your metal detector.

Benefits of Metal Detecting

You need to know some of the benefits of making metal detecting your hobby. Everyone can’t do it. It’s a difficult skill to master. You need to remember these benefits as they will help you keep going when you would want to just give up.

  • Health

You can’t do metal detecting from the comfort of your couch. You need to keep walking on the ground for a longer period of time. If you are not a fan of exercise then this will surely help you to stay fit.

  • Social

You can meet a lot of like-minded people during your search process. Talk to them, share your experiences with each other, tell them how you started your metal detecting journey. Talking to people is a great way to enhance your skills.

  • Enjoy the Scenic Beauty

You would be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful locations. Beaches are a really good location to use your metal detector. You never know what’s that beautiful sand has buried in it.

  • Financial Gain

You can collect a lot of valuable items by just using your metal detector correctly. You can earn a lot of money by selling them. Selling old coins can worth a lot of money as they have some concentration of crucial metals.

How Does Metal Detector Work

Metal Detecting Tips

After learning how to read a metal detector correctly, it’s time to learn a few tips. By following these tips, you can master the skill in no time.

  • Reasonable Expectations

You can’t dream of finding the real treasure at the beginning itself. In the starting, you will find a lot of trash and junk. This is the harsh truth of metal detecting. But with time you will learn a lot of things that will help you to master this difficult skill.

  • Persistence is the key

You can’t just give up at the beginning itself. You have to keep going in order to make metal detecting your skill. As your experience level will grow, you will be able to understand your metal detector intuitively.

  • Research for the Appropriate Location

You can start your metal detecting process at any random place. Firstly, do your research and then go for the searching process. Research online for some historical spots or battlefields as there are more chances of finding some crucial metals.

  • Learn How to Dig

It is one of the most important metal detecting tips. You have to use the right digging tools and cover your holes appropriately. It involves digging only a particular portion of the ground without totally destroying it. Then, fill the hole again with the sand as this will help it to return back to its natural state.

  • Take Care of Your Metal Detector

Use lubricants for the wires of your metal detector. Use a brush to get the sand out of the joints. Always clean it with fresh water after a long hunt. You should treat it with care in order to enjoy the flawless functioning.


You have to be persistent in the metal detecting process. Do a thorough research before commencing the searching process in order to save time. Keep in mind the metal detecting tips. Determining the right location and understanding the tones can help you to master the skill promptly.

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