Metal Detectors For Beginners

Metal Detectors for Beginners

Treasure hunting is exciting for all age groups whether you are a teenager or an adult. There is so much recoverable treasure in your nearby places, you really don’t have to go far. You can find obsolescent jewelry, coins, historical souvenirs and many other valuable items. It is becoming a popular hobby and it’s really easy for beginners to get started. With just a simple metal detector and a sense of curiosity, you can start your game on.

Most of the metal detectors have same functions and features. But, if you are choosing the complicated ones in the beginning then, you need to understand the features properly. So, here’s the beginner’s guide of choosing perfect metal detectors:

Things to be Taken into Consideration When Buying Metal Detectors

So, to start with if you are a beginner in the field of metal detecting then, you should go for the simpler ones. By choosing the simple ones you will become familiar with their features and functioning. After that, you can go for the complicated ones. Only if you want to get into the professional metal detecting field as they require a lot more understanding.

In the beginning choose the ones that are reasonably priced, simple to read and understand the settings. Go through the reviews of the metal detector in order to determine the pros and cons of the product.

Each metal detector has a different design and setting. You should choose the one that meets your basic needs for which you are purchasing the particular metal detector. Just consider things like where you are going to use it, which particular metal you are hoping to find and for how long you are going to use it. These can be considered as the crucial factors that can help you to find that one perfect metal detector.

Control Features of Metal Detectors

Underwater Metal Detectors

Every metal detector is differently designed. There are some simple metal detectors specially designed for the beginners that provide an easy and simple way of medal hunting. On the other hand, there are some advanced metal detectors that are specially designed for professionals. It totally depends on your needs whether you want to go for the simple ones or the complicated ones. Luckily, some professional quality metal detectors fit easily for the beginners also.

There are some metal detectors for beginners which are really simple. You just have to control the functioning using buttons. Nothing can be more comfortable than this. On the other hand, there are some who use a touchscreen to control different features. These are designed for those people who don’t like to play with the buttons. There are some metal detectors which are detectors that are designed with a knob. In these, you can easily adjust the settings by switching a knob. These are particularly designed for those people who don’t want to get too technical with their metal detectors.

If you are going to use your metal detectors for a longer period of time then, you have to choose wisely, the one with you find more comfortable.

There are some metal detectors that provide LCD target identification displays, multi-tone audio discrimination, and visual depth indicators. These are so advanced that they can even locate the oldest and deepest buried metals. Whereas, there are some underwater metal detectors that can operate in water also.

Available Settings

There are a lot of settings in a metal detector that you need to understand before using it. You can only be good at detecting metals only if you have persistence, patience and yes, of course, a lot of practice is also required.

Some of the available settings of metal detectors are:

  • Sensitivity

It is a setting that helps you to adjust the balance between the depth of the object and the authenticity of the signal. The higher you adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector, the deeper you will be able to sense the metal.

  • Discrimination

You can adjust the settings of your metal detector which are more relatable with the metal you want to find. It is a way to discriminate your particular metal with the other metals that you don’t want. But, there are chances that you will miss some other valuable metals which you are not aware of.

It only depends on how much patience you have and how much time you want to devote to finding that particular metal. If you don’t have much time then, it’s good to turn on the discrimination settings.

  • Ground Balance

Most of the soils contain fine iron particles, minerals, and some conductive salts. The level of mineralization in the soil affects the metal detecting process. It masks the valuable target metals. The mineralization is also responsible for producing the false audio signals that need to be filtered out.  So, in this situation, you should how to adjust the settings in order to balance the ground signals. One way of achieving the ground balance is by controlling the knob. You can raise and lower the loop until a good balance is achieved.


Metal detecting is a vast field to understand. It’s not enough to just understand the working of metal detector effectively. As a beginner, you may not be able to find any metal objects. You need to keep in mind the three P’s which are mentioned above that is: Persistence, Patience, and Practice.  As time goes you will become more familiar with the settings and features of your metal detector. Hopefully, everything related to buying a metal detector for beginners has been answered.

Now, what are you waiting for? Just go and buy a perfect metal detector for yourself and start the hunting process. Enjoy the Treasure Hunt!!

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